As Vaughn and Debbie Nissley began planning their move to a retirement living community, they dreamed of a place that perfectly complemented their active lifestyle. Fortunately, an energetic community was located just five miles away from their current home: Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.

“We decided together we would look for a place that would care for us long term,” Debbie said. “Masonic Village was an obvious choice for us.”

Although the process was several years in the making, the Nissleys were able to move at a desirable pace to find their forever home. In the winter of 2023, the couple happily moved into their cottage.

“Throughout the process, we were informed from the start,” Debbie said. “In regard to move-in, we were told what we could do and what was to be expected.”

The couple’s transition to Masonic Village was truly effortless, as they had great support from the Sales and Marketing team. When questions or problems arose, Vaughn and Debbie felt comfortable reaching out for help.

“There is a great feeling of security in knowing we are looked out for here at Masonic Village,” Debbie said.

“They are truly here to take care of you and keep you safe,” Vaughn added.

One evening, the couple received a call from security notifying them that their garage door was open. This situation left the Nissleys feeling safe, knowing the Masonic Village team was looking after them as incidents occurred.

“We came from a neighborhood where everyone was family,” Debbie said. “We are thankful to have that same experience here at Masonic Village.”

Vaughn and Debbie had the opportunity to meet a few of their neighbors before moving in, which helped tremendously with anticipated feelings of nervousness. Since settling in, the couple has easily established friendships by participating in the various activities offered on campus.

“Unlike some, we have chosen to get involved gradually,” Debbie said. “There is so much to do at Masonic Village and being involved is truly what you make of it.”

This summer the couple attended outdoor music concerts, joined the hiking club for a nearby trail and even began gardening a shared plot with a close friend. They have grown very fond of the view near the Masonic Village Farm Market, where Debbie regularly enjoys watching the beef herd frolic in the pasture.

“If you are looking for a retirement community, Masonic Village is a top option,” Debbie said. “The campus is beautiful, everyone here is friendly, it is well maintained and it’s a great place to live.”

Since transitioning into the Masonic Village community, Vaughn and Debbie have found countless signs confirming they made the right choice for their future, from the campus’ beauty to the variety of services and activities.

“Masonic Village is simply the place to be,” Debbie said.


About the author: Camdyn Lehman is a public relations associate at Masonic Villages. She is majoring in business administration and minoring in marketing at Eastern University.