Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there a wait list to move to Masonic Village?

Depending on the preferred residence, Masonic Village has a priority list for those planning a future move. The list helps us to be ready when you are ready to make your move. Typically, we maintain a waiting list for our entrance fee accommodations (three to five years for cottages, and one to two years for apartments). Currently, we have immediate availability in some rental apartments.

2. Do you have to be a Mason to be a resident?

No. While Masonic Village is built upon Masonic values and principles, you do not have to be a Mason or have any Masonic affiliation to live here. When founded in 1910, we were only able to serve Pennsylvania Masons and their families. Over the years, we have been able to extend our mission and services to include everyone, even those who do not live on campus. If you’re interested in learning more about Pennsylvania Freemasonry and its charitable activities, visit

3. What is the age requirement for residents?

Anyone age 60 and older may apply for a residence. For couples, one person needs to be age 60 and the other at least age 55. Anyone age 55 and older may sign up for the priority list.

4. Are pets allowed?

We know your pets are part of your family, and you may bring up to two into your new home. We’ll provide specific size guidelines based on your preferred residence.

5. How much does retirement living cost?

For detailed costs and information on entrance fees and monthly service/rental fees, visit our Costs page.

6. What is the move-in process like?

Move-ins average approximately three months, and Masonic Village has various resources to assist you, including a move-in coordinator to guide you through the process.