For Robert and Bonnie Weikert, Masonic Village at Elizabethtown was a place they could never forget. After visiting the 1,400-acre campus for a colleague’s wedding, the couple knew it was a notable option as they pursued a new chapter of life.

“There are many places out there, but none of them have what Masonic Village has,” Robert said. “I mean how do you forget this place?”

When Robert developed severe arthritis and the couple could no longer safely maintain their home, they decided it was time to transition to a continuing care retirement community. After research and various campus tours, they confidently knew in their hearts Masonic Village was their forever home.

“As much as we hated to leave our home, Masonic Village seemed to be a better fit,” Robert said. “We had to show a little courage and move, and I am not sorry we did.”

Although the couple needed to downsize from their previous home, they found comfort in narrowing down the belongings that meant the most. They were especially grateful they could bring along their two cats. The effortless process gave Robert and Bonnie peace of mind and allowed them to enjoy all aspects of their move.

“Our new home is very comfy for us,” Bonnie said. “When you walk out the door, it is a whole new world.”

As new residents, Robert and Bonnie enjoy the freedom Masonic Village provides. They have learned they can be as busy as their heart’s desire, or just as idle. Together, they participate in bus trips, browse campus libraries, attend concerts and take advantage of the outdoor walking trails. Bonnie particularly likes to complete puzzles around campus, while Robert regularly visits the auto shop to work on his antique Corvette.

“It is just a fun place to be. The people here are what makes this place run,” Robert said. “They take care of you and are top notch.”

The couple appreciate the kind and welcoming environment of Masonic Village the most. Soon after their move, Bonnie was having a tough time operating the washing machine in their apartment. After working up some courage, she traveled next door to ask her neighbors for some help.

“Soon enough, there was a room full of kind people helping us figure out our washing machine,” Robert recalled.

The Weikerts have felt very touched by the Masonic family’s bond. This impact encouraged Robert to begin the application process to become a Mason. The couple also plans to take on volunteer positions in the future, as a way of giving back.

“People here treat others the way they should be treated,” Bonnie said. “The amount of kindness reciprocated here is just amazing.”

While the couple thought their transition to Masonic Village would be challenging, they found the process to be a dream come true. Robert and Bonnie now participate in the Masonic Village way of life, finding joy through simple living and community.

“Since moving here, I have learned the world does not have to be the negative way it is,” Robert said. “If the world was working the way Masonic Village does, everyone would experience true happiness.”

About the author: Camdyn Lehman is a public relations associate at Masonic Villages. She is majoring in business administration and minoring in marketing at Eastern University.