Brenda Evanko walks the talk when it comes to her former career in sales and marketing with Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. She believed so much in the lifestyle she was selling, she now calls Masonic Village home.

Brenda started with Masonic Village in 1996. Her job as a sales associate was made easy, thanks to Masonic Village’s idyllic setting and helpful “co-workers” in the form of residents who often shared their experiences with visitors.

“I met interesting people from varied backgrounds and experiences,” she said. “I had the pleasure and privilege of providing tours of the various living accommodations. Showing the beautifully manicured campus and landscaping, plus hearing glowing and positive comments from residents enjoying life only reinforced I was representing the finest retirement community.”

The more she shared the details of what makes Masonic Village great, the more she looked forward to the day when she and her husband would no longer have to deal with the issues of maintaining their home and the quality and availability for future care. She anticipated the move knowing it was their decision to make the transition to a community where they wanted to live. Brenda and her husband, Mike, moved into a cottage in January 2021.

Being in close proximity to her former office, Brenda offered to help the sales and marketing department if they needed it. She assisted with some administrative tasks this summer.

“It has been great reconnecting with former co-workers and residents, including those who were on the waiting list while I was still a sales associate,” she said.

Brenda’s advice for prospective residents hasn’t changed much from her time as a Masonic Village employee; advice she heeded herself.

“Do not wait!” she advised. “Get your names on the waiting list, even if you are not certain Masonic Village is your community of choice or when you want to make a move. By doing this, you are making plans for your future possible.

“Also, move when you have the time to be able to control decisions, such as the living option of your choice, and while you’re still capable of making such a move. My experience often showed people waited much too long to make their decision to move and were unable to enjoy the many opportunities, friendships and freedom retirement living offers.”

In addition to helping with the sales and marketing department occasionally, Brenda enjoys volunteering, taking advantage of wellness opportunities on campus and spending time with family and friends.

“My husband and I are enjoying more time and activities together than ever,” Brenda said. “We have been blessed with good health, but we also have peace of mind knowing we are residing in a 5-star community that will be able to provide for our future needs.”

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